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FiberAir Internet

What is FiberAir
FiberAir is a fixed wireless solution that can deliver high-speed data, voice, and Internet services with remarkable speed and reliability. FiberAir can usually be installed within days and is scalable to provide speeds up to 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet).
How does FiberAir work
FiberAir delivers services just like the local phone or cable company except instead of installing copper or optical fiber lines, we deliver our signal over a terrestrial microwave platform. In typical installations, AetherNet uses the unlicensed ISM band. When additional quality of service or throughput is desired we may also use licensed frequencies. AetherNet delivers services over a wholly owned last-mile network. Within each coverage area (CA), AetherNet installs multiple access points, powered by multiple Tier1/Tier2 providers in different geographical locations. This facilitates unique “Quality of Service” guarantees and decreases customers’ network downtime due to a carrier failure or last mile outage.
FiberAir Example
The FiberAir Advantage
AetherNet has built its last mile network from the ground up with 1 focus in mind.

"To offer the fastest, most reliable, cost-effective Internet to businesses".

FiberAir offers a number of advantages over traditional copper and optical fiber connections, including:

Installation Time-
Where other wired providers can take weeks, or even months to provision a new connection, AetherNet can have a customer online in a matter of days.

Multiple Path Delivery-
Unlike wired providers, FiberAir is unaffected by the outages caused by cable or fiber cuts. FiberAir customers take advantage Multiple-Path-Delivery (MPD) which seamlessly re-routes the customers service to the backup trunk in case of congestion or failure. This also allows AetherNet to offer quality of Service guarantees on latency, jitter and packet loss.

MPD Examples:
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Ethernet Delivery-
Our services are delivered traditional Ethernet so that no special equipment is necessary to connect to existing LAN.

Scalable- Our customers can take advantage of ON THE FLY BANDWITH. This feature allows you to adjust your bandwidth for a short time or permanently to accommodate business needs.

Reliable and Secure-
Each of FiberAir’s coverage areas has multiple base stations powered by multiple backbones. This allows us to offer 99.999% up-time guarantee with service guarantees on latency and jitter. FiberAir is more secure than traditional telecom providers and all data transmitions are encrypted using 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
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