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Point-to-Point Data Services

Protect your network performance with Point–to–Point Data services.

AetherNet’s PtP (Point-to-Point) and PtMP(Point-to-Multi-Point) data services leverage the latest technology to deliver scalable and secure private connections with speeds up to 1000Mbps! 

AetherNet can replace your high cost loop or metro line with a PtP connection, which unlike traditional wired providers, is not affected by fiber cuts or line damage caused by construction or inclement weather.

The PtP Advantage
FiberAir offers a number of advantages over traditional copper and optical fiber connections, including:

Installation Time-
Where other wired providers can take weeks, or even months to provision a new connection, AetherNet can have a customer online in a matter of days.

Multiple Path Delivery- Unlike wired providers, AetherNet can design your PtP connection to take advantage of our MPD (Multiple-Path-Delivery) which seamlessly re-routes to an alternate trunk in case of congestion or failure.

Ethernet Delivery- Our services are delivered traditional Ethernet so no special equipment is necessary to connect to existing LAN.

Quality of Service- AetherNet is one of the few fixed wireless providers that offer Quality of Service guarantees on packet delivery, latency, and jitter.

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